Since 1993, midsize and small businesses in the United States and India have chosen TLK Creative Fashions as their trusted resource for foreign trade services. Our fully trained staff excels in performance, management, quality control and client satisfaction. TLK is committed to building long-term strategic partnerships between buyers and suppliers and creating longstanding relationships.


Our Visionary

TLK Creative Fashions was founded by and is currently under the supervision of chief executive officer, Joseph Piede. Joe oversees all aspects of TLK’s operations including sales, marketing, professional services and support.

Joe is a world traveler who has lived in Mahalingapur and Karnataka, India for two years. He makes annual visits overseas to maintain relationships with suppliers and friends. He combines his knowledge of other cultures, business practices, and government regulations with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in business and marketing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients to expand their business and maximize their revenue through international trade. TLK has nurtured a winning network of trusted partnerships between India and the United States to help clients attain their financial goals.

Client Satisfaction

Rendering complete customer satisfaction is one of the premier goals of our organization. Superior quality products are offered to our valued customers at pocket friendly rates. Unique customization facility is offered by us, which is as per the demands and specifications offered by our customers, thereby ensuring highest returns for our valued customers. Owing to client-oriented approaches and fair business practices, we have nurtured a huge client base present all across the Globe.

All the services we provide:

Garment Fashion Production; Fashion Brand Manufacturing; Clothes Design Manufacturing; Apparel Manufacturing; Fashion Design Manufacturing; Sewing Service; Stitching Service; Trim service; Fashion Sketch Production; Pattern Making; Computerised Grading; Pattern Cutting; Pattern Grading; Size Grading; Grading Service; Marker Making; Tech Pack Development; Line sheet development; Style sheet development; Label development; Packaging Development; Hanger Development; Cut Make Trim Services